REVIEW: Better To Know Now – By Typhoid Rosie

Typhoid Rosie
Typhoid Rosie are a seven-piece band rock from Brooklyn, NY. Their single Better To Know Now tells ‘a tale of addiction, and losing yourself in bad company’. The track starts with frontwoman Rosie Rebel’s vocals, with piano and synth backing that set the stage for what could be a reverb thickened power ballad, but what follows is a rock track with punchy basslines, enveloping guitars and dramatic drumming.

The chord progression is competent, and unpredictable which show a songwriting ability that stands out. The major chords used tempt towards more conventional patterns, but the thing I enjoy about Typhoid Rosie is that they choose time and time again to take the road less traveled, incorporating minor chord patterns that are unexpected. The structure of the track is also a strong point, it clearly tells a story, and makes sense in the way it is put together. A strong single from the band.

You can check out Typhoid Rosie on their Facebook Page:


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